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Introducing Beabee

Are you a journalist looking for a better way to manage and engage with your community? Look no further than Beabee, the open-source CRM designed specifically for community-centered approaches to journalism.

Here are five ways Beabee can help:

  1. Set up your membership scheme quickly and easily. Beabee makes it easy to set up and manage a membership scheme for your community. With just a few clicks, you can set subscription prices, and start accepting payments through Stripe. You'll be up and running in no time!

  2. Manage your community with one central database. No more juggling multiple spreadsheets and tools. Beabee gives you one central database to manage your community's information. From basic contact details to more advanced demographic data, you can keep track of everything in one place.

  3. Activate your community with targeted communications. Beabee lets you create targeted email campaigns and newsletters to keep your community engaged and informed. You can segment your audience based on membership, location, or any other criteria you choose. Plus, you can track open and click-through rates to see what's working.

  4. Gather community input with integrated surveys and discussion groups. Beabee makes it easy to gather feedback from your community through integrated surveys and discussion groups. You can create custom surveys with multiple question types, and use discussion groups to facilitate conversations and collaboration among your members.

  5. It's open source. Beabee is open source but also works out-of-the-box. Either way, it’s yours: Your tools, your data, your brand, your community. If you've got the know-how, you can customize it how you want.

Beabee is a powerful tool for any journalist looking to build and manage a thriving community around their work. Book a demo and see the difference it can make!

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