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The Independent Media Association is dedicated to promoting the work of independent media in the UK. We support media organisations that are run in the public interest, financially independent, and factually accurate.


As a co-operative, publishers are members and get to democratically decide what we do as an organisation.


The purpose of the IMA is to support the independent media sector, represent the interests of our members and showcase their work.

Our aims are to

  • Provide advice, training, shared resources and events for the benefit of members

  • Encourage collaboration between members

  • Connect members and wider civil society organisations

  • Develop resources to support the setting up of new media outlets

  • Raise funds for internships, journalist positions, seed funding and other funding pots for the benefit of members

  • Support members to recruit and amplify marginalised people and groups underrepresented in the mainstream media

  • Support members to produce accessible media for those with disabilities

  • Champion the importance of independent media within the wider media sector, to decision makers and the public

  • Showcase the best of independent media through an annual awards ceremony

  • Promote our members at events, on our website and across social media by sharing content and producing original video and podcast shows

  • Adhere to the NUJ’s Code of Conduct

  • Contribute to independent media freedom and plurality by celebrating freedom of expression and the diversity of our members’ styles, views, and formats

  • Work with other organisations, agencies and parties across the political spectrum in the interests of members and of a healthy democracy and fourth estate

  • Work closely with and refer any concerns about our members' content to the relevant member’s complaints editor, Impress or the NUJ as appropriate

The IMA focuses its activity on the following three areas...


Membership Recruitment


Membership Engagement


Fundraising and Sustainability

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