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Mastodon, with The Canary

Social media has become a vital tool for independent media to share their perspectives and reach a wider audience, says The Canary.

Enter Mastodon, an alternative to Twitter that offers greater freedom of speech and decentralization.

The Canary have set up their own Mastodon server that anyone can join, especially independent media outlets.

Mainstream social media platforms such as Twitter have increasingly become restrictive, making it challenging for independent media to gain traction and promote their content.

But here are ten ways Mastodon can help independent media:

Greater freedom of speech

Mastodon offers independent media members greater freedom of speech than Twitter. This allows them to share their views without fear of censorship or being silenced.


Unlike Twitter, Mastodon is decentralized, meaning it is not controlled by any one individual. This makes it a safer platform for independent media members who may be at risk of being shut down on other platforms.

Independent servers

Independent media members can set up their own servers on Mastodon, providing a platform for their audience that is not dictated by any powers that be or right-wing narcissist.

Overcome Twitter restrictions

Twitter's algorithms have made it difficult for independent media members to gain traction and promote their content. Mastodon provides a blank canvas for independent media to work with and reach a wider audience without the limitations of Twitter.

Easy to use

Mastodon is straightforward to use, with similarities to Twitter making it easy for independent media members to post content on both platforms simultaneously.

An alternative to Twitter

Mastodon provides an alternative platform to Twitter for independent media members, enabling them to diversify their social media presence and reach a wider audience.

Better control

With Mastodon, independent media members have greater control over their content and who sees it. They can customize their audience and ensure that their content is not suppressed by algorithms or corporate interests.

Collaborative opportunities

Mastodon allows independent media members to collaborate and network with others who share similar interests and values, building a community that can support and amplify their work.


Mastodon's decentralization means that independent media members can enjoy greater privacy and security on the platform, reducing the risk of being targeted by trolls or being shut down by corporate interests.

Embrace innovation

Mastodon is a platform that promotes innovation and experimentation, providing independent media members with the opportunity to explore new ways of engaging with their audience and promoting their content.

Mastodon is an alternative platform to Twitter that offers greater freedom of speech, decentralization, and control to independent media.

With Mastodon, independent media can diversify their social media presence, collaborate with others, and reach a wider audience while maintaining their privacy and security.

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