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Meet the Members: Lacuna Voices

In a world where clickbait and sensationalism dominate the media, Lacuna Voices offers a refreshing alternative. This digital platform shares true-life stories that matter to people, told in the first person, and without the usual archaic news values that still float around Fleet Street.

Punteha van Terheyden, the founding editor at Lacuna Voices, describes the platform as an "ethical true life platform" with a strict no clickbait, no sensationalism policy. The stories shared on Lacuna Voices are truly worthy of being told and cover a range of topics, including health, family, world news, and careers. There's even a dedicated section for men's stories, as men don't usually get a voice in the true-life sector.

If you're wondering about the format, all the stories are written articles told in the first person, with no print edition available at the moment. The platform aims to harness pockets of community found in places like Instagram, where groups of people create beautiful communities but feel like they have no voice in the media.

Lacuna Voices' target audience varies depending on the topic being covered, but generally, it appeals to a younger audience from 18 to 35.

Funding is a challenge for many independent media outlets, and Lacuna Voices is no exception. Initially, the platform was funded by Punta Panter Hayden, who still funds the majority of it through her work as a freelancer. The platform also syndicates copy to the nationals, and the longer-term plan is to secure corporate sponsorship.

Can IMA members help Lacuna Voices with sponsorships?

According to Punta Panter Hayden, one area the platform needs help with is figuring out how to secure corporate sponsorship.

Doing everything herself and being disabled and chronically ill means that there are only so many things she can do each day.

Lacuna Voices is a much-needed platform for ethical true-life stories that matter to people. The platform's strict no clickbait, no sensationalism policy ensures that readers get a genuine human experience without being manipulated. The platform also provides a voice for people who feel excluded from the media and offers a unique perspective on a range of issues.

With support from the IMA and other independent media outlets, Lacuna Voices can continue to share authentic stories that inspire, inform and entertain.

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