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Meet the members: Clydesider Magazine

Clydesider Magazine is a unique publication that showcases the creativity and resilience of the West Dunbartonshire community in Scotland.

Here are ten things you should know about Clydesider Magazine:

  1. Clydesider Magazine is a community magazine based in West Dunbartonshire, Scotland. It started in 2016 and is a free publication that comes out quarterly.

  2. The magazine initially started as a positive news publication with a focus on creativity in the area, but it has evolved into a solution-focused publication that showcases how local people are developing solutions to some of the area's challenges.

  3. Clydesider Magazine's coverage includes photography, poetry, creative writing, cartoons, and more, with most of the content coming from local volunteers.

  4. The magazine also raises awareness about different issues and campaigns. For example, last year, they ran a campaign called "Claim What's Yours" that focused on the benefits system and highlighted the different benefits and credits that people are entitled to but may not know about or feel uncomfortable claiming.

  5. The West Dunbartonshire area has a rich history and beautiful scenery, but it has also faced challenges with inequalities and poverty due to the decline of industries.

  6. Clydesider Magazine aims to show the potential of the area and how local people are working to address these challenges.

  7. The magazine is funded by a mix of advertising revenue and grants from organizations like the National Lottery Community Fund.

  8. The magazine has grown from a volunteer-based organization to a small team.

  9. The magazine is an important source of information and inspiration for the local community, highlighting the positives of the community and showcasing local solutions to challenges.

  10. They run creative storytelling workshops in the community, including for community-based organisations.

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