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The Independent Media Association, formerly known as The Media Fund, operates as a cooperative, dedicated to promoting the work of independent media.

The IMA supports media organisations that are run in the public interest. We support financially independent and factually accurate sources of information.

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Financial independence


Independent media is financially independent. It is not beholden to vested interests of the powerful, whether that be the government, corporate advertisers or billionaire owners.

This means it can hold the powerful to account, as news media should, and focus on the news that is in the public interest, rather than the agenda of its paymasters.

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All IMA members have to either be NUJ (National Union of Journalists) members and abide by the NUJ code of conduct, or they have to be regulated by IMPRESS, the only press regulator to meet the standards the Leveson Enquiry set.

As such, you can trust that all IMA members - whether their content chimes with you or not - are trustworthy sources, held to the highest standards of accountability.

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Changing the


Independent media is the only kind that can truly hope to act in the interests of the public, rather than acting in the interests of the already powerful.

By helping the independent media sector to take a larger place in the media industry, we are able to reform the extremely concentrated and unrepresentative state of media that currently exists.

About us


We not only bring together the work of independent media organisations under one roof, but also further their impact, through lobbying, campaigning, marketing, promoting, networking, event organising and raising donations where necessary.


As a cooperative, our members and workers are all members and get to democratically decide what we do as an organisation.

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