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Tchiyiwe Chihana


Tchiyiwe is Managing Director and television and radio host for African Voices Platform, where she specialises in political, economic, environmental and social accountability interviews with politicians, cultural and thought leaders. Tchiyiwe is also a writer for Now Then magazine and a Director at Opus Independents.

She co-authored Different Cultures, One World: Women’s Voices from South Yorkshire, a publication by DEWA Project, a women’s immigration policy influencing organisation, which she co-founded.

Tchiyiwe has held leadership roles within and outside the UK. She was on the board of Migration Matters Festival from 2017 to 2021. She co-founded UBI Lab Women where she lobbies for the piloting of Universal Basic Income and explores how it will impact women. Internationally, Tchiyiwe serves on the boards of World Basic Income and World Bicycle Relief.

She is an award-winning gender and international development professional with a career that has spread across Zambia, South Africa and the UK. She likes to write about global diaspora communities and her poetry has been published in several anthologies.

Tchiyiwe Chihana
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