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The IMA will focus activity on the following three areas...

Campaigning and lobbying
Membership Support Services


Campaigning and Lobbying


  • Working with Facebook, Google, DCMS, Devolved Governments and the National Union of Journalists in order to increase protections and respect for our membership

  • Increase public awareness of and support for independent media, through producing and publicising reports, making public interventions on behalf of independent media and running public facing campaigns

  • Organising collective action, for example: building an independent media caucus in the NUJ.

Membership Support Services


  • Run training in fundraising, marketing, legal support, and more
    Promote members work through social media, blogs, newsletters and more


  • Establish a database of resources that members can access at their leisure

Collaborative Projects


  • Organise networking meetings
    Coordinate messaging and promotion of each others work between members 


  • Create content based projects that are co-created by several members in collaboration

  • Create shared spaces to get information from political sources through a regular briefing open to all members

Collaborative Projects
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