“You never know what you might create, or the change you might inspire.” Jamal Edwards

Jamal Edwards, founder of SBTV has sadly passed away, at 31 years of age.

Jamal started SBTV with a £20 phone and created an organisation which changed the face of British culture for the better. Artists who credit Jamal with exposing them to the public include: Ed Sheeran, Dave, Chip, Akala, Kano, Giggs, P-Money and many many more.

Jamal Edwards defines the core essence of independent media, a self starter who had a dream and realised it. Jamal inspired many of us to believe our ideas could come to fruition no matter where we started out in life.

Jamal Edwards, without doubt is one of the most influential British people of the last 15 years, his legacy defines a moment in the culture, serves to inspire others to carry on pushing independent media forward and to continue to breakdown barriers.

“It’s not always about budget. First & foremost, creativity is about passion & ideas” - Jamal Edwards

Our thoughts at the Independent Media Association are with those close to Jamal.

Rest in Power Jamal Edwards.

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