Workshop: Intro to Tik Tok for Independent Media

Facebook and Instagram are dying. Meta (their parent company) had the biggest share fall of any company in US history recently. But Tik Tok is growing massively.

Yet it is a unique platform, not only video content based, but also on certain quirks and interactions that are unlike anything traditionally we do as independent media. It is often a conversation, funny, based on trends and music and not merely a method of informing people one to many, as we are used to. However difficult this transition may be, it is worth exploring and learning more about right now. The future looks like it will be Tik Tok for some years to come. Delivering this session will be Klaudia Fior, IMA Communications Secretary, and occasionally viral Tik Toker who has built several channels on Tik Tok. Please get questions in in advance - especially if you cannot attend. We will record the session and aim to answer all your questions as best as possible. Message us on with your questions

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Tuesday 21st June - 45 minutes - 17.30. 10-12 attendees tops - online

By IMA Communications Secretary Klaudia Fior

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