Top Picks of the Week (Independent Media)

Time for your weekly dose of independent media! Below you will find the top 3 pieces of work from our partners for this week, including our most interesting read of the week.

Just as a thank you for taking the time out to read our blog, we have also included our top media-related story of the week.

Our first pick of the week, and also the most interesting read of the week is 'Here’s a list of every MP who just voted to ALLOW water companies to continue dumping RAW SEWAGE in our rivers' by Evolve Politics. Click here for the full article

Next up we have, 'THE WALK – LITTLE AMAL HIGHLIGHTS THE PLIGHT OF REFUGEES' by Real Media. Click here for the full video.

Last but not least, 'War Propaganda: How to Create a Mindless Mob' by Dorset Eye. Click here for the full piece.

Our top media-related story of the week:

'Revamp of Official Secrets Act could pave the way for more surveillance'

By The Canary

What’s your favourite story of the week? Make sure to let us know, and let’s keep supporting independent media!

Find out more about our partner’s work by heading to our site.

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