The most powerful man in British News Media?

Check out our top 3 independent media stories from our members for this week, and a hot piece of media news that you may have not seen.

Every year, 85% of textiles end up on landfill sites across the world. KOUA-STUDIO uses organic, recycled and locally-sourced materials in their craft... (and) all intellectual property rights of the textiles belong solely to them.

Textile Studio Empowers Women And Fights Climate Change

The UK honours system is anything but honourable – it is a system of reward and backslapping for and by an exclusive club of elites.

A million have rejected Blair’s knighthood. The establishment doesn’t care

For over seven years, the Norwich Radical has operated as a volunteer-run non-profit – there’s been very little money involved! ....Running on a shoestring budget has freed us from the ethical concerns of participating in advertising, or having our journalism impacted by funder interests, but it has its difficulties.


If there is one media group to watch this year it is Daily Mail and General Trust, which becomes a private company next week when it is de-listed from the London Stock Exchange.

What next for Lord Rothermere - the most powerful person in British news media

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