Reparations, rebellion, riots - our 'Top Picks' for the week

Let's start as we mean to continue. Let's keep discussing the important things, getting informed and being active.

Check out our top 3 independent media stories from our members for this week, and a hot piece of media news that you may have not seen.

Story 1:

'Oil companies owe a debt to the lives destroyed'

Why Nigerians are demanding reparations for over 60 years of Shell oil extraction

Story 2:

"The resurgence of Black Lives Matter is rocket fuel for a global reckoning. For the Culture does not ask sweetly, quietly to please see our humanity. We must be loud, we must be rebellious, we must be grateful, and we must be joyful."

For The Culture – Celebrations of Blackness Festival Headline Acts Announced

Story 3:

The uniformed officers began firing tear gas and stun bombs at the demonstrators. People began to disperse and many sought refuge under the bridge where Brahian and Otto were.

The wings of the cabinetmaker

Top Media Story:

“We’re still seeing ordinary people appearing in newspapers and having their lives destroyed” – Prof. Paul Wragg

10 Years on from Leveson - Hacked Off’s 8th Annual Leveson Lecture

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