Queer AF! And Arron Banks v Carole Cadwalladr

This week is a huge week in media, check out the brilliant stories and announcements below - and the hot piece of media news to finish with.

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"But recent research by the economist Utsa Patnaik suggests there’s more to this story. Her work reveals that the inflation wasn’t incidental, as most have assumed, but a deliberate policy, designed by the British economist John Maynard Keynes and implemented by Winston Churchill" (New Internationalist)

Arron Banks v Carole Cadwalladr

"The libel action brought by Arron Banks, the man behind Britain’s biggest political donation, ever, of £8 million to fund the Brexit campaign, against Observer and Guardian journalist Carole Cadwalladr is big potatoes. At stake are lawyers’ costs of £1.75 million, the ability for reporters to investigate Russian interference in our democracy and free speech in Britain in the 21st Century." (Byline Times)

and in media news...

MRC Weekly Digest – 21st Jan 2022

"Scientific academy The Royal Society has produced research showing that banning misinformation from online platforms is ineffective, essentially driving it ‘underground’ like a black market: “While illegal content that incites violence, racism or child sex abuse must be removed, legal material that runs counter to the scientific consensus should not be banned, the report said” – suggesting that instead, a “collective resilience” should be fostered. (FT)"

This is just one of many great stories in the newsletter - we highly recommend it.

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