Meet the new Board of the IMA

The results are in! Here is your new board

Chair: Tchiyiwe Chihana - African Voices Platform

General Secretary: James Lock - Opus Independents

Communications Secretary: Klaudia Fior - Bywire News

Treasurer: Thomas Barlow - IMA

Trade Union Liaison: Laura Lee Daly - Socialist Think Tank

Campaigns and Lobbying Officer: Nathan Sparkes - Hacked Off

General Board Member #1: Abla Kandalaft - My Dylarama

General Board Member #2: Debbie Cridland and Jason Cridland - Dorset Eye

General Board Member #3: Gary Kelly - Milk The Cow Podcast

General Board Member #4: Drew Rose - The Canary

General Board Member #5: Zosia Brom - Freedom News

General Board Member #6: Baillor Jalloh - African Voices Platform

Any member of the IMA can attend our fortnightly board meetings, our fortnightly drop in sessions, our quarterly General Meetings, be in touch via Slack, Email and WhatsApp and is welcome to join the board if they wish.

We are happy to hold special elections and would love as many members as possible to be involved.

And you can review the results here (click the link)

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