Independent Media Awards 22

Updated: Apr 28

Political reporting of the year :Canary ,Evolve Politics Real Media + Phoenix Media Cooperative, Open Democracy, Byline Times, TruePublica, Welfare Weekly, The Conversation

Investigation of the year: Bureau of Investigative Journalism, Open Democracy, Declassified UK, Byline Times, Truth Defence The ,Ferret

Best Equalities publication: Queer AF, Welfare Weekly, Traveller Times

Best Culture and Arts publication: My Dylarama, Norwich Radical, Radical Art Review, Alt Africa

Best Workplace and industrial relations reporting: Corporate Watch, Report Digital, Research for Action, Union News, Reel News

Podcast or Livestream of the year: Milk The Cow Podcast, Mandatory Redistribution, Politics Theory Other, Socialist Think Tank, My Dylarama

International Reporting of the year: Alborada, New Internationalist, Phoenix Media Cooperative, The Prisma, TruePublica, The Canary

Regional / local outlet of the year: Manchester Meteor, South Rugby News, Norwich Radical, Greater Govan Hill, Bristol Cable, Now Then, Dorset Eye

Most innovative print publication: Greater Govan Hill, Red Pepper, Bristol Cable, New Internationalist, Radical Art Review

Citizen Journalism: Dorset Eye, Now Then, Unity News, Welfare Weekly, Ethical Consumer

Positive News Story: Rooftop News, Alborada, Positive News

Best Social Media: Another Angry Voice, Skwawkbox, Declassified UK, Unity News, Media Reform Coalition, Journo Resources, Evolve Politics

Best Environmental Reporting: Ecologist, Ethical Consumer, New Internationalist, Real Media, The Conversation

Best thematic outlet: Freedom News, New Socialist, Welfare Weekly, Politics Theory Other, Socialist Think Tank

Media-focused organisation (advocacy for better media): Byline Times, Journo Resources, Journalist's Charity, Media Reform Coalition, Centre for Investigative Journalism, Research for Action

Best Video: Real Media, Reel News, The Canary

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