IMA Elections are coming! Your Association Needs You!

Yes, IMA elections are coming. And we want YOU to stand (if you’re an IMA member).

All positions will be elected for 2 year terms (except treasurer which will be 3 because no one really wants to do that!).

But don’t worry if you’re concerned about committing to two years - if life gets in the way you can step down easily and we will run emergency elections.

Also don’t worry if you don’t think any of the roles are for you. There is a General Members positions for those who don’t want a portfolio but think they’ve got something to offer. Those standing for General Member position will run against RON (Re-Open Nominations) and for all the other positions it will be whoever stands for the role running against each other AND RON. Are you thinking about it? Good!

Let’s answer some key questions for you - but here is the short version…

  • Pick a role, get yourself nominated by a proposer and seconder (you can propose yourself), with a 100 word statement about yourself, by 21st March.

  • Attend the AGM on 4th April.

  • The new board will be announced 11th April and there will be a month long transition and training after that.

What positions are there to run for?

Officer Positions

To be elected on a 2 year term


  1. Chair

  2. Treasurer

  3. General Secretary


  1. Vice Chair

  2. Communications Secretary

  3. Public Relations and spokesperson(s)

  4. Podcast Secretary

  5. Membership Officer

  6. Finances/fundraising Officer

  7. Campaigns and Parliamentary Lobbying/Engagement Officer

  8. Trade Union Liaison

  9. Cooperatives Secretary

  10. NUJ Secretary

  11. General Member

  • Non role holding board members to assist with the above where able

  • All roles are available for job share excluding Chair, Treasurer and General Secretary.

  • Each position has a Re Open Nominations category

How does it all work?


  • Nominations to be received by Admin Secretary (Thomas Barlow) no later than 2 weeks before AGM (the AGM is 4th April - the nominations deadline is 21st March)

  • Nominations to take the form of a proposer and seconder from within IMA membership (Please note you are able to propose yourself) sent via email to Admin Secretary (Thomas Barlow) - please include a supporting statement of no more than 100 words

  • Nominees will be required to attend the AGM on the 4th April in order to be available to answer any questions members may have about their nomination


  • Ballots will be announced 1 week before the AGM (28th March) with supporting statements from anyone standing for the ballot

  • Votes can either at the AGM or be cast online after the AGM

  • There is one vote per member organisation - not per person in the IMA! Please decide within your organisation who is the designated delegate who can vote on behalf of the organisation.

  • Voting will close 1 week after the AGM

  • Results will be announced shortly after


  • The new board will attend the first board meeting after the results are announced with all the members of the (now) previous board.

  • They will meet and pair with predecessors and get up to speed with the board’s activities and the strategy of the IMA.

  • The previous board and new board will attend at least one more board meeting together before handing over fully to the new board

  • Board meetings are fortnightly, on Fridays

  • Elections to take place every 2 years.

  • Elections can be held at each General Meeting to fill any roles that are vacated - the winner then fulfils the term of office and then can restand at the same elections as all other candidates

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