How do we get more subscribers in a relatively small area?

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I would love to get your thoughts on the following from South Rugby News;

“How do we get more subscribers in a relatively small area? We need subscribers for our income!”

This is a pretty common question - though in this case it is bound to the postcode CV22!

The main response was:

Get people who your audience trust to recommend you to them.

A specific example of that would be to look at voluntary sector organisations in that area and institutions like universities.

Send them an email saying ‘we do x,y,z - we think it would be valuable to your people’ then arrange a meeting, and rinse and repeat.

In the meeting have clear asks: How can we help you? Could you send an email to your followers promoting our work? Could we do a collaborative event? Is there work you’re doing we can cover?

You may get knocked back occasionally, but it will probably be the most effective use of your time.

Other tips include some more obvious ones around social media;

Create a design theme for your posts, create a content bank of evergreen shareable content, make sure your posts have a call to action (i.e join our mailing list - it is more easy to convert people to donors from a mailing list than on social media), and make sure you’re sharing only in the most relevant places.

Social Media is a chore, so don’t bother being on a platform where your audience isn’t. Do find the local Facebook groups, internet forums, Instagram hashtags and so on that your community uses and make sure you post to them.

It is worth that little bit of time researching and mapping those things to help you pick just a couple of key places to post each time.

What do you think to this advice? Do you have any follow up questions? How would you answer? Do you want more detail? And what would you say to this follow up question from South Rugby News?

“I'm working on a paper mailout at the moment to raise awareness so any tips on what to include in that would be great too!! Thank you”

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