'CIA sidekick' involved in funding UK media?

3 top independent media stories from our members for this week, and a hot piece of media news to end with.


"A US government-funded agency that claims to promote democracy but which helps undermine governments independent of Washington has moved decisively into Britain’s media space since 2016." Declassified UK

A Johnson Regicide

Another Great Political Escape?

"The interesting question is whether the Conservative Party – if it deposes another sitting Prime Minister – might yet again sustain an already long period of continuous rule since 2010." Byline Times


"Disturbance to the soil has released the equivalent of over 500 billion tonnes of CO2 into air in the last 8,000 years. To give you an idea of scale, we currently have around 1,000 billion tonnes of extra CO2 in the atmosphere compared with pre-industrial times. [1] If even a fraction of the 500 billion lost from soils could be restored, this would represent serious progress in shifting us back towards a safer climate."

BBC licence fee to be abolished in 2027 and funding frozen

Usually we would put a clip here from the article, and get you to click through, but instead we want to encourage you to follow Media Reform Coalition (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) and check out their brand new manifesto - the BBC and Beyond, a Manifesto for a People's Media.

It will be cut up into bitesize chunks and exciting, thought-provoking videos in the coming weeks, and there is no better time to reimagine public media than now so do follow them.

Though also...

"Speaking to Radio 4’s Today programme on Monday morning, the Cabinet minister said it is “absolutely right to celebrate what the BBC does globally, the soft power behind the BBC is something that we need to make sure we continue to support and protect”." Press Gazette

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