AAV Facebook Ban: Our position

The IMA is concerned that Another Angry Voice (AAV) and other independent media outlets continue to be subject to less than favourable treatment from Facebook and other platforms.

Tom from AAV said, “Very nice of Facebook to completely block me from posting to Another Angry Voice for weeks, by insisting (in barely legible text) that I haven’t done some arbitrary process (which I have already done). Cheers for that. #cancelculture"

This is in reference to Facebook’s request for large pages with significant reach being asked to upload government ID to publish on their platform.

A spokesperson for the IMA said: “Not withstanding the civil liberties implications of a private company requesting Identification from individuals (and what they do with that data), we note the mental health implications of incomes being placed in jeopardy because of systems that don’t appear to be fit for purpose. Nor does this recognise the significant contribution that independent media has made in growing businesses like Facebook.”

The IMA calls for good faith dialogue on behalf of our members with Facebook (and other platforms). We seek to establish a line of communication with a senior representative of each of these platforms, with a view to ensuring independent media outlets are able to gain clarity and consistency as to what is expected of them.

The current landscape is having a significant impact on our members mental health which is entirely unacceptable by any measure. This must be resolved at great haste.

Given the importance of media plurality and diversity of opinion in regards to a healthy and functioning democracy, the IMA expresses a note of concern that depriving Another Angry Voice (and others) of their significant reach represents an erosion of a healthy and vibrant discourse at a time when it is needed most.

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