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DeSmog is hiring, CIJ is doing courses and promoting bursaries, we spoke to Data Content Reach about Digital Strategy + BIJ is shifting up gears in its People’s Newsroom work

DeSmog is hiring!

As you may already know, DeSmog UK is growing, and fast! Our small but mighty team is hiring for two critical senior roles: a Deputy Editor and a Finance and Operations Manager. And I wondered if you could help us to reach brilliant candidates by spreading the word and promoting the ads through your networks, please.

The first post will be to replace our longtime colleague Rich Collet-White who is leaving us - for a master's - but luckily will stay connected in an associate editor capacity. The second is essential to building our internal infrastructure so we can safely expand with the right policies, support and safeguards in place.

If you're up for sharing among your networks, above are the links to the jobs on our site, and below are the links to the job ads on Twitter and LinkedIn.



Shifting power to support communities to tell their own stories

Learnings from our pilot to support emerging journalism leaders

The People’s Newsroom is a programme incubated at the Bureau which is exploring the resources needed to build, run and sustain newsrooms that diversify media ownership and authentically represent communities.

Read about their latest exciting news here!

Course from the Centre Of Investigative Journalism

Story-Based Inquiry Method Online - 31 October, 2, 7, 9 November. PM. - 19 places remaining.

“Luuk and Mark are so engaging, with a clear passion for the method and a genuine interest in those attending the course and their development.” Feedback 2022.

NEW! Digital Tools for Investigations Online - 11 November. AM. 12 places available.

Finding Stories with Data Online - 14-15, 17-18 November. AM. - 5 places remaining.

Data-Driven Investigations Online - 28 November - 2 December. AM. - 3 places remaining.

Save 10% - Deep Dive into Data Journalism - book both Finding Stories with Data and Data-Driven Investigations and save.14-15, 17-18 November, 28 November - 2 December. AM.

“I would like to thank the team for putting together the two-week program. It was an eye opener and I’m certainly going to be using pivot tables a lot more.” Feedback 2021

NEW! Digital Tools for Investigations Online - 22 November. PM. 12 places available.

NEW! Digital Tools for Investigations Online - 6 December. PM. 12 places available.

CIJ Lyra McKee Trainees Pitch to the Editors

Eight CIJ Lyra McKee trainees pitched their stories to investigative editors from the UK's leading investigative media.

Pitching investigative stories to working editors is the climax of the CIJ Lyra McKee bursary scheme. After months of training, mentoring and working on their stories, the trainees had a chance to meet the editors, pitch their stories to them and hear their feedback.

Basia Cummings (Editor, Tortoise Studios), Emily Wilson (Editor, The Bureau Local) and Ramzy Alwakeel (Head of News, openDemocracy) shared their knowledge and expertise: from how to find more sources and where to search for additional information, to how to structure and write investigations.

CIJ Lyra McKee mentors Emma Youle (formerly of HuffPost UK) and Jenna Corderoy (openDemocracy) have guided the trainees through this year's programme, helping them find and shape their investigations.

Applications for the 2023 CIJ Lyra McKee Investigative Journalism Training and Mentoring Bursary Scheme will open in January 2023. Watch this space!

Data Content Reach - Digital Strategy for Independent Media

Data Content Reach: Digital Strategy for Independent Media

Check out this 20 odd minute interview with Tim from data Content Reach created specifically for IMA members to help us reach our fullest potential online!

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