Below you can find information about a selection of weekly shows produced by our independent media partners. These shows vary from live streams to pre-recorded shows. 

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Ten By Six is a weekly news forum that discusses with guests, the local, national and international news issues. If you have a topic that you would like discussed and are prepared to come on the show contact us via our site.

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This podcast is hosted by two of the all-female team of academics, film programmers & social researchers behind website myDylarama, Abla Kandalaft and Coco Green. We'll discuss films/TV series/screen-related matters in relation to social, racial and economic issues. We often end up also discussing skincare and cults and accept viewing requests! 

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Every Saturday night at 9 pm join Socialist Think Tank for their live panel show with recurring, rotating and one-off guests tackling issues that truly matter, whether or not the mainstream media are paying them attention.


 The show balances serious debate and light heartedness in a natural way, rarely seen and much needed in our news today. An authentic socialist perspective is proudly shared while the panel responds in real time to the fifth panellist, the audience, in this truly interactive show.

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Every Tuesday at 9pm, John D Clare hosts the news you want to talk about with topics selected by an online poll. John tasks the "Dream Team" to respond to the news in a way that challenges the mainstream narrative and invites them to comment on how real people are impacted by the topics selected. Political Unmuted is a 2 part show and after the team have had their say, part 2 responds to comments and questions from the audience that tests the views of the panel and offers an opportunity for further debate.

An interactive, immersive and informative experience for all.

A weekly live stream show, which airs every Thursday, where the OD team are joined by influential guests to discuss matters of public interest. 

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Meet our new political commentator Curtis Daly, who will be talking about the issues that matter to you in a weekly video series that will air across our social media channels every Wednesday evening. Comment with your thoughts and topics that you would like to see Curtis cover.

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